FIRST impressions are lasting ones, and we know that “interviewing” a city for a potential relocation is a crucial step in the reassignment lifecycle.

In order to maximize this valuable time, we will work with your employee to identify their high priority interests and concerns regarding their destination city, and then plan an accompanied itinerary that addresses the needs of both the client and the employee.

The Preview Visit is a great chance to air any concerns. For example, one doubt clients often have is whether or not they can move with their family pet. That’s where we can connect you with experts who will help with documentation requirements, vaccination and microchip procedures, flight coordination, and logistical support.

The Preview Trip can include:

A “Day in the Life” with visits to grocery stores, shopping malls, doctors’ clinics, hospitals, hospitals, recreational facilities, schools, playgroups, Expat Clubs, etc.
A comprehensive overview either as a formal presentation or informally, over a meal at a restaurant.
Topics we cover may include (but are not limited to): cost of living, healthcare, housing, schools, cultural norms and customs, and immigration. 

A City Tour of major landmarks and historical sites in the city.