holidays in India and "dry days*"

Here are a list of Holidays in Chennai, some are local and some are national. The days marked with ** are dry days. This means no alcohol is allowed to be served in India or the State! Yes this means at 5* Hotels too. 

Public Holidays 2016

This list has now been updated to reflect the official dates released by the Tamil Nadu government.

Date             Day                    Holiday
1 Jan            Fri                 New Year's Day
15 Jan          Fri                       Pongal
16 Jan          Sat                Thiruvalluvar Day
17 Jan          Sun              Uzhavar Thirunal
26 Jan          Tue                 Republic Day **
                                            (National Day)
25 Mar          Fri                    Good Friday
8 Apr             Fri                 Telugu New Year
14 Apr          Thu                 Tamil New Year**
14 Apr          Thu              Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
19 Apr          Tue                  Mahavir Jayanti
1 May           Sun                      May Day
16 May         Mon             Tamil Nadu Assembly                                                     Polls
6 Jul             Wed                 Ramazan / Idu'l Fitr
                                             (End of Ramadan) *
15 Aug          Mon                Independence                                                               Day**
25 Aug          Thu                   Janmashtami / Sri                                                 Krishna Jayanti
5 Sep            Mon                 Ganesh Chaturthi / 
                                              Vinayaka Chaturthi
12 Sep          Mon                  Bakri Id / Idu'l                                                       Zuha 
                                              (Feast of Sacrifice)
2 Oct             Sun                Mahatma Gandhi's 
10 Oct           Mon                  Ayutha Pooja
11 Oct           Tue                 Durga Puja /                                                          Dussehra
                                             (Vijaya Dashami)
12 Oct           Wed                 Muharram
29 Oct           Sat                   Deepavali
                                             (Festival of Lights)
12 Dec           Mon               Milad-un-Nabi 
                                            (Prophet's Birthday)
25 Dec           Sun                 Christmas Day

internet service providers

Not all internet providers are avail in all Chennai Areas. 

Spectranet - Fiber Optic Services upto 100mbps

Rajneet - Fiber Optic Services up to 50mbps

​ACT- Fiber Optic Services up to 100mbps

BSNL- Goverment Internet Services up to 16 mbps

Airtel - Land and wireless options- up to 30 mbps

Vodaphone- Land and wireless options- up to 30mbps

cab services

Apps are Avail for both Iphone and Android Users

Its common in India for people to recharge their PayTM account to use for the cab services around India. Simple App to use and secure. 



Emergency services info

Traffic Police - 103

Ambulance - 108

Fire Control - 101

​Ambulance or Fire Services- 102

need to relax and get pampered or work on a minor or major issue?

Reflexology :

Modern Balance- Contact Tracey @ 8939803435 (clinical reflexology)

Physical Therapist- Contact Emma - 8220332244

provisions- food, water, milk, and newspaper

Food- Most people shop at Nilgirs, Amma Nana, and Online Stores like Big Basket, ColdKart, and Green Goblin 

Water- Everyone in India buys 20 liter water cans for drinking. You can go to any local store listed above and pay a deposit for the water can and return it once its empty to get a new one. Your driver, or if you live in an apartment, your association can help with setting this up. 

Newspaper- you can ask your association, or driver, or Watchmen/Caretaker to assist with setting this up. 

Milk- There are local people who deliver daily fresh milk. Some you have to boil and others are ready to use. I suggest using The Right Moo for ready to use home delivery daily! 

cable providers




Reliance Digital Tv

Sun Direct

Videocon d2h

how to tip your staff and service people?

Through out your stay in Chennai you will experience the local trade services. For example... you need a plumber? No worries, they will come,,, and bring only a screw driver... take 15-30 mins to figure out they need more tools... and parts.. which they don't have with them, and guess what? They will ask you to pay! So how much... well start with parts for Rs. 500 and don't forget to ask for a RECEIPT! Normal labor chargers for plumbers and carpenters ranges from 200-500 per visit. They will also make several visits until everything is fixed. Its totally normal here. 

Holidays have come around and your Maid and Driver are asking for a BOUNS! There isn't an exact protocol to follow, but rule of thumb, if they have worked for you for 6-10 months, than 1/2 of their normal monthly salary. If they have worked for you for more than a year, 1 month full salary. Pick the holiday, Diwali, Pongal or Christmas, only 1 per year. 

Tipping while going out:

Normally its 10% of your bill total, however please check your bill first to see if a SERVICE CHARGE not Service Tax has been included. It is normal to tip the parking guys anywhere from Rs. 20-40 , and the Door Man Rs. 20-40 each visit. 

other expats in chennai

There are lots of Social Clubs, Facebook Groups and others to get your social life back on track meeting new friends. 

OWC- Overseas Womens Club - Facbook and Website-

​Alliance Française of Madras | Indo-French Cultural Centre

Korean in Chennai, Korean expats living in Chennai



Expats of Chennai- buy, sell or trade stuff

Chennai Expats Connection (C.E.C)

Chennai Expats ( CHEX)

Chennai Expat Men Social Group

IWA- International Womens Association 

International Masala Chennai 

Other ways to be Social...

India loves Whats App- so download this app to stay connected with everyone.